3rd Avenue Island

by Ava Luna

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    our first record as a 6-piece. Out in 2009 on Cooling Pie Records
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released August 13, 2009

Written & produced by Ava Luna
Mixed by Ava Luna & Timo Sullivan

Felicia Douglass · Vocals
Carlos Hernandez · Vocals
Judnick Mayard · Vocals
Alex Smith · Drums
Siheun Song · Vocals
Nathan Tompkins · Synthesizer

Felicia Douglass · Album art
Karina Villanueva · Chrysler Building photo & lettering

Recorded June 2009 at Trinity Korean Methodist Church, Gravesend, Brooklyn




Ava Luna Brooklyn, New York

NYC est. 2007

Ava Luna is:
Ethan Bassford
Felicia Douglass
Julian Fader
Carlos Hernandez

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Track Name: We Were Young
Give me time to find description
Give me space to rest my head
I'll tell you all about the things that worry me
And about the things I choose to do instead
My fingernails are all but bleeding
and my hands are all but numb
But I find comfort in that
that's how we had our kicks when we were young
Track Name: Six Seven (I Want To Hide Away)
Seven times in the morning, for a block and a half
And though she speaks for many, she had a lot of laughs
But she don't mind, some of the time
I want to tell you about the kid on the roof
It don't make no difference what the other kids do
He don't mind
But I want to hide away
Six times in the morning, for the kid on the block
and though he looks at the pavement when he goes for a walk
he found a paper chaser under the street
and I can't see, can't see for all the talk
And I don't mind
And I want to hide away
Track Name: Four Five (I Will Survive)
Maybe your brain is a factory
Maybe you won't know what to do with me
But if I say you will, will you like me still?
Don't worry my darling, you know I'll like you
Maybe your heart ain't what it used to be
Maybe your devastating beauty is something I won't survive
But I'll be damned if I don't try
Don't worry my darling, I'll let you love me instead
I'd like to unravel you
I got to unravel you
Don't worry my darling, I'll let you love me instead
Maybe yr brain is a factory that I won't survive
Maybe yr heart ain't what it used to be but I will survive
don't worry my darling you know that I will survive
Track Name: (Do Me No Wrong) While I Am Gone
Picture the child of winter
Hands in the snow, legs in the sea
He watches on as the city
is covered in inches, gradually
and he's cold
maybe some day we'll find him
but if we do, where should he stay?
and I'm cold
and please do me no wrong, while I am gone
and I don't want to be alone, so do me no wrong
(please do me no wrong when I am gone)
I won't let you treat me this way
I warm your fingers day after day
Track Name: Black Diamond I
His daughter's down in the well
He wasn't there when she fell
The black diamond comes and hangs before her,
The black diamond come
She lays her eyes on the child
She lays her eyes on him in the indescribable dark
And arm and arm they watch the sun growing dimmer all the while
The black diamond comes and hangs before her
Track Name: Black Diamond II
Watch me flit in the corner, watch me cover the skies
watch me trace a black diamond on the backs of her eyes
I'll be hiding in the spaces in the tops of the trees
I'll be hiding in the space in the backs of brother's knees
I may be lonesome, but at least I can do as I please
Don't worry my dear cause I've been here for years
Maybe no-one ever loved me, maybe no one knew my name
Maybe television or absentee parents are to blame
but I don't need a reason, i will be here all the same
don't need excuses, I will be here all the same
So climb on up, and sit by my side
Track Name: Ceiba
Ceiba, ceiba
I won't ever lie beneath your shade
But I can dream
Track Name: Palea
Palea, in my youth I would wait for you
but Palea, well, you never came
The load is the same
So silently I will wait for you, silently
But all the while, you were growing obscene and I'll
keep your photos on this old machine
and once in a while I'll stare at the screen
and know that yr flowers are finally clean
But our love is becoming obscene
so I'll keep your photos on this old machine
and when I am lonesome I'll stare at the screen
In my privacy, still hope you'll come back to me
so silently I still wait for you, silently

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