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Infinite House

by Ava Luna

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Merced Stratton
Merced Stratton thumbnail
Merced Stratton makes me wanna put sharp things in my mouth and climb very high up. good and crunchy stuff Favorite track: Steve Polyester.
Dylan Tracy
Dylan Tracy thumbnail
Dylan Tracy in so many ways, ava luna manage to grasp some amount of genuine human compassion and funnel it into every single drum hit and string pluck. incendiary and unforgettable, INFINITE HOUSE is a cavernous trek into the center of the human condition. Favorite track: Best Hexagon.
AD thumbnail
AD feeling all the things that u have tenderized Favorite track: Tenderize.
Jake Kahn
Jake Kahn thumbnail
Jake Kahn Explosive, colorful, and surprising. Listen to this if you enjoy...

- Hand grenades being thrown down Home Depot's paint section aisles.
- Bombs going off in Crayola factories.
- Farting unicorns.
- Rambo riding a rainbow and Rocky punching a Care Bear. In the same movie.
- Good music. Favorite track: Tenderize.
mccarthy thumbnail
mccarthy It smells good Favorite track: Roses and Cherries.
Arminda K
Arminda K thumbnail
Arminda K I love this album (as is the case with basically every Ava Luna record), but the second half is especially where it's at for me. It is floaty and weird and jarring at times. *Thumbs Up* Favorite track: Best Hexagon.
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Company 02:54
You used to tongue cracks in the glass, lioness and Pyramus. Model scale set of your room, carrot kiss, issue sweet moss from the dust. Do you appreciate my company? Bled red and black, royal hand. Soiled hand with tuning peg. Fingers caught in his device, noumena for to talk about yours, tentacle draped on the leg. But what will it take for you to appreciate my company?
Tenderize 03:22
In my spot, the rooms go on for miles, like emerald 30-racks. Does that resonate with you? At the junction, I have heard it said that those rooms are for two eyes. So does it come as a surprise that I’ve seen it two times? Feeling all the things that you have tenderized The double door shuts on my step, and I’ve seen it 2 times (What you gonna do with that big black eye?) Down in Madrid, we’ll be the hound dogs on the stage, eyeing Northern flesh, their kingdom in the snow and its yellow constitution
I was lying in the shade where the dandelions grow and asphalt is hollow and the rocks are broken down and brown, a not so popular part of town. We'd heard he was witty, we'd seen signs of it all around the city. The people said “He's a landscape.” “He's like a ruby lined in gold.” “Yeah, shaped like a cockroach.” “He smells good.” These notions were hazy. Ordinary, a bit lazy. I was swinging on a branch outside catching a ride when my resolve swelled. I will find him I will. I have momentum still. Then I fell into an anthill. And the people said, doo doo doo doo... They carried me back to my doorstep. The sun was in my eyes but I saw him. I saw him a friend a friend, I found in him a friend a friend. And he went by the name of Steve Polyester. He said “I am a landscape, I am a ruby lined in gold, shaped like a cockroach I smell good.” He was a landscape. Nonetheless he would escape. But it was for the best. This town will never be the same. Why'd he have to go? Who is there to blame? And the people said doo doo doo doo... I saw him a friend a friend. In him a friend a friend. He started walking. He went farther than he ought to have gone. He went farther and farther until he was gone. He was a landscape. Come back.
It was in my way, it was in my way. What changed? If you heat the conversation then I’ll keep it warm. Roses and cherries, it’s you that keeps me up. Will the ruby fabric retreat to the brush? Will her circlet come undone in the rush? I don’t make these rules! If you wanna heat the conversation then I’ll keep it warm. And if you feel in the inclination, then I’ll fill your cup with roses and cherries, it’s you that keeps me up
Made of wanting, solely, I’m used to - it’s easy, look at what we gain. Sorta holding on loose ever so slightly, fingers feeling rain. And if it’s over will you wanna go, I’m down. If you account for me and vouch for me every time we go. Will you surrender to a remedy so ripe it’s running cold. Push in to fix, to get it set. Pushing to feel the very half. And it counts as an echo when we get out. Never one not only, no not like the TV, whittle it away. Sorta novel to stay largest and heavy, mountain full of clay. And if it’s over will you wanna go, I’m down, you know that I’m down.
Black Dog 02:52
So I stopped. A black dog on the hill. I was in her home, I burrow through the leaves. If you want, we can see the empty house through the forest clearing, she lurks in quiet corners. And I will touch her brow.
Best Hexagon 03:07
I sat in the Babel of the humors on one occasion. Will you relieve me of the burden for a while? You might be shocked. And if we sit for the conversation, you might be shocked at what you see. We’ll save it for the morning. Let’s find a cozy hexagon. We’ll curl up in the stacks. Supper with the have-nots, learn to keep my trap shut, chew on gummy snacks.
Billz 03:10
Test it, Otis weak to bear our weight, kicks on nine and caps on eight. Don’t hold for me. I’m a mandrake, land for lease to rot: “so shrill!” Thread too bare to grip these hills Will it elevate me? Will it educate me? But is it gonna pay my bills? Who is gonna pay my bills? NOT ME! For fashion, I’ll stop and spray the flowerpot, scent too sweet for second thought. I’ve made up my mind, I will find one small moment and I’ll text you. And I’ll fact-check every reference that I make, learn the language to impress you. Cause I’m yours, and if you tell me that you’re mine, you’re the one I’m getting next to, but our love ain’t gonna pay my bills.
Victoria 07:32
Victoria, I told you that I needed you. But now it’s time to let you go. You’re everything that I need. You’re everything I want you to be (But not when we were scared) You’re a no good baby You’re no good, you’re no good
Carbon 02:22
Slanderer, a taste that doesn’t leave your tongue alone. Carpenter, illuminate the labyrinth beneath my home. Oh Deirdre, that’s the trouble with you, you are drawn to the bottom I’m a simple man from where the Alanthis grow, and I’ll carry my choice til the Horse advances on my window. So peddler, won’t you take it down the block?


released April 14, 2015

Ethan Bassford
Felicia Douglass
Julian Fader
Carlos Hernandez
Rebecca Kauffman

Cindy Lou Gooden performs on two songs

Recorded by Ava Luna in the Gooden family house in Benton, MS. and at Gravesend Recordings, within the Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY.
Asst recording engineering by Ben Scherer and Cindy Lou Gooden

Mixed by Dave Fridmann at Tarbox Road Studios, Cassadaga, NY
Asst mixing engineering by Michael Fridmann
Mastered by Josh Bonati

Cover artwork by Felicia

Released by Western Vinyl




Ava Luna Brooklyn, New York

NYC est. 2007

Ava Luna is:
Ethan Bassford
Felicia Douglass
Julian Fader
Carlos Hernandez

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